Jasson Casey of SecurityScorecard on Giving Enterprises New Tools, New Views

Entities across all industry sectors appreciate the need for ensuring secure relationships with their third-party service providers. Jasson Casey of SecurityScorecard discusses new solutions for achieving those secure relationships.

In a video interview at RSA Conference 2017, Casey discusses:

  • The new view of vendor risk management;
  • The role of threat intelligence in VRM solutions;
  • How to ensure enterprises know all the vendors with which they’re doing business.

Casey is CTO and senior vice president of engineering at SecurityScorecard. An 18-year veteran in the telecom, computer networking, and security industries, Casey most recently ran the engineering department for IronNet Cybersecurity. He’s an expert in software-defined networking and has helped define key technologies in carrier VoIP security and wireless mobility. Casey is a member of the Software Leadership Council and a research associate with the Open Networking Foundation.