Ruby CISO Matthew Maglieri on How to Bounce Back From a High-Profile Breach


The Ashley Madison breach of 2015 quickly became one the most famous of high-profile hacks. Three years later, CISO Matthew Maglieri discusses the breach recovery and what he refers to as “cybersecurity in a world of discretion.”In an interview at Information Security Media Group’s Dallas Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit, Maglieri, CISO of Ashley Madison parent company Ruby, talks about:

  • The type of targeted attack that struck Ashley Madison;
  • How to recover from a high-profile breach;
  • How to ensure breach resilience.

Maglieri is CISO at Ruby, the parent company to several online dating brands, including He is responsible for leading the architecture, development and ongoing operation of Ruby’s enterprise security program. Previously, he served in a leading role developing Mandiant’s Canadian practice and delivering a diverse range of strategic and technical consulting services.