Trump Finally Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order

President Donald Trump has signed a long-awaited executive order that places responsibility for cybersecurity on departmental secretaries and agency directors and emphasizes the use of risk management throughout the federal government to secure digital assets. Breach Prevention Summit Washington DC: Hear perspectives on Trump’s Cyber Executive Order “Because risk management decisions made by agency heads […]

Step One: Admitting We Have a Cybersecurity Problem

Reitinger of Global Cyber Alliance on Tackling Risk Management Phil Reitinger, CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance, a group he describes as a “coalition of the angry,” describes how it has channeled this anger into action.In a video interview at RSA Conference 2017, Reitinger also: Discusses why he believes the U.S. is in step one […]

Art Coviello on Today’s Top Cyber Challenges

Retired RSA Chair on the State of Cybersecurity in 2017 Art Coviello, retired chair of RSA, discusses the state of cybersecurity in 2017, including the threats – and threat actors – of greatest concern and the emerging security technologies that encourage him most. In a video interview at RSA Conference 2017, Coviello discusses: The impact […]

Asking Cloud Providers the Right Questions

Eric Chiu of HyTrust on Scrutinizing Vendors For organizations considering using public cloud-based services, asking tough security questions of the vendor is an essential first step, says Eric Chiu, president of HyTrust. Organizations “should really ask about all the same requirements of that public cloud provider that they would ask themselves,” Chiu recommends. “What sort […]

CISO Cris Ewell on Overcoming Risk Management Challenges

Video Interview on Conducting a Meaningful Risk Assessment Despite the emphasis that HIPAA places on the value of a comprehensive risk assessment, far too many healthcare organizations are still struggling to complete one, says Cris Ewell, CISO at University of Washington Medicine.HIPAA settlements reached after breach investigations have again and again highlighted the lack of […]