Former RSA Chair Coviello Says More Tech Won’t Reduce Risk

Businesses are suffering from an influx of too much security technology packaged into too many solutions offered by too many vendors, says former RSA Chairman Art Coviello, who’s now a partner at venture capital firm Rally Ventures. He claims the proliferation of products isn’t helping improve cybersecurity.

Coviello contends that many vendors’ one-solution-fits-all marketing messages have confused businesses and have resulted in companies investing in more solutions than they really need.

In this video interview at Information Security Media Group’s Washington Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit about how too much technology is clouding cybersecurity vision, Coviello also discusses:

  • Why CISOs need to do a better job educating management and boards about how to effectively mitigate cyber risks;
  • The role vendors should play in helping their clients better understand their risks, rather than merely trying to sell more products; and
  • How vendors can work more effectively together to develop complementary solutions that actually build stronger cybersecurity layers.

Coviello has more than 30 years of strategic, operating and financial management experience in high-technology companies and is one of the most recognized figures within the cybersecurity industry. He joined RSA Security Inc. in 1995 and became CEO of the company in 2000. During his tenure, he was the driving force in the rapid growth of the company from $25 million in annual revenue to over $1 billion. Following the acquisition of RSA by EMC in 2006, Coviello continued to lead the company as executive chairman and president until he retired from the full-time role in early 2015. Coviello also has played a leading role in several national cybersecurity initiatives, including as a founding board member of the Cyber Security Industry Alliance, and has served as an adviser to key government agencies as well as public-private initiatives.