Arbor’s Paul Bowen on Where Organizations Miss the Mark with Threat Intel

Most organizations are good at collecting threat intelligence, but they struggle to operationalize it – and especially to use it for threat attribution. Arbor Network’s Paul Bowen tells where organizations are commonly missing the mark.

Bowen talks about how to maximize threat intelligence in this video interview at Information Security Media Group’s Toronto Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit.

In this interview, Bowen discusses:

  • Key components of effective threat intelligence;
  • The value of attribution;
  • Skills and tools to maximize threat intel.

Bowen, principal security technologist at Arbor Networks, has more than 20 years of experience as a security practitioner. His current focus is on advanced threat detection and mitigation with Arbor’s new Spectrum Platform. Previously, Bowen spent a decade managing global security for Estée Lauder, and another decade at ArcSight, before and during the HP acquisition. He also previously worked at Mendicant and Fortinet.